Saturday, January 19, 2008

V for Victory

"You Indians are crying foul after Sydney loss, but this Perth pitch is going to scare shit out of you"- an Australian supporter before the start of Perth match."

That was too much of swashbuckling...but this Indian team has made them eat their words.

It was a great performance by our boys...especially under those trying circumstances after Sydney loss. And what is really great to watch is a team-performance. Usually 2 or 3 guys rise to the occasion whenever India wins. But not this time round. Whole team made a great effort and this was very much required if you are to beat a team like Australia which has such a terrific record at WACA(which is considered as one of the world's fastest and bounciest pitches and Australia went into the match with 4 fast bowlers) so far. And with this came to halt the winning streak of 16 test matches...yet again at the Indian hands. Last time it happened was when India won the famous test match at Eden Gardens, Kolkata when Steve Waugh's Invincibles succmbed to the heroics of Laxman and Dravid.

But what was impressive about the Austrlian team was their approach to the game. Come what may, they would not leave their aggresive way of playing and dealing with pressure situations. Even in this test match when Clarke and Johnson were going hammer and tongs, the match was still not over, even though Indians were clearly leading the edge. But this is the way the Australians play and that is why they are considered the best team of our times.

But clearly the match and the day belonged to Indians and they deserve the full credit for their hardwrok. We, the Indian supporters, hope that you guys level the series in the next match at Adelaide. And if you guys level the series officially there, we will take it as 3-1 victory over Australia in their own backyard considering the acrimonious turn of events in Sydney. Best of luck Team India. For now, it's celebration time. PARTY HARD. :)


Vinod R Iyer said...

V for victory it is. Victory at perth. How many would have bet on that. It was heartning to c the whole team contributing to the win .

Nice write up ..

Dil Se said...

Splendid performance by Kumble's boys :)

Pranay said...

It was truly a magnifercent moment..
havent seen the indian team perform wid so much vigour and oneness since a long time.. we deserved to win.
This was the best way India could have thrashed the Australian snobbery and overconfidence. And we did it!