Monday, March 24, 2008

The so called 'Cool Gals'

Mid semester break just got over. But very few fellas have returned so far.
But thanks to my short attendance in elective course, I had to be back on time. And since there was no one to talk to and it was utterly boring to be alone, I logged onto my Orkut account and started visiting the profiles of gals with ‘cool’ profile pics.
The stuff in their profiles is very entertaining. I find ‘about me’ and ‘ideal match’ sections to be the most hilarious ones. And here is what some of those ‘cool gals’ had mentioned in these two sections in their respective profiles.

Cool Gal 1 : Ideal match – An IIM graduate.
Why don’t you marry an ATM?

Cool gal 2 : About me – I am fun loving gal. Rest you can know after going thru my testes.
Just don't wanna go through your eeehhhh...What I know already about you has killed every bit of reason and desire to know anything more about you!

Cool Gal 3: About me - hey i m too talkative. i'll eat yr head.
Others haven’t left any.

Cool Gal 4: Ideal match: ummmm.. ma doggie n me!.. lolz.. i don wanna pair maself wid guys atleast 4 timebeing!.. confident of yourself? Ask a few guys too...May be after reading this joke of yours, even they would prefer a b**** over you!

Cool Gal 5 :Ideal match - A P J Abdul Kalam, ha ha ha, aur koi naam sujha nahi.
Apne Vajpayeeji ko kaise bhool gayi aap? Vo bhi kuware hi hain. Ha ha ha

Cool gal 6 : About me - i'm a good looking guy, simple natur,music lover,good in studies.....aur kya bataun.
Vaise bhi iske baad ab batane ko kuch bach bhi nahi sakta.

Cool Gal 7 : About me- my self is kanika & i think that is enough for me...wat abt u.

Ideal match - me & him.

Had you mentioned the name of the guy, I would have written entire post on him. Even you would have been spared :P

In my bedroom you will find: offcource me ...that's it....& nothin to show on orkut .its pesonal.
When did they ask to ‘show’ anything ‘pesonal’ ?

Well some 'hot guys' are also fast catching up with the cool gals. This one is from the profile of a hot guy from IIT.

Ideal Match - JIGAR hona chahiye usme....
That is why the outsiders say that IITians are different. :D :D :D

PS: The names mentioned in the post are changed ones.