Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reading the Instincts

Understanding human psyche is quite a difficult job. But instincts can give us a fair idea of the behaviour and personality that these psychic forces govern. By instincts here, I mean the impulsive reactions or response to some external stimulus.


I have been undergoing training in Kolkata for more than a month now. About two weeks ago, the company asked for our preferences regarding the locations of our final postings. I had given mine as Mumbai. But after having spent almost a month with other trainees, I made friends with a few of them and for once I thought of changing my preference to Gurgaon. However, on second thought, I decided not to. But before this final decision, I discussed this issue with a few others and asked their opinion about changing my preference. The two extreme instincts were:

1. "Yaar...there are limited vacancies in Gurgaon and if you too opt for it, then probably I won't get Gurgaon."

2. "Good yaar...tu bhi aaja, masti karenge!" (If you also come to Gurgaon, we'll enjoy!)


These reactions gave me some insight into the thought process of these two individuals.


Some people lie and fake so very often and with such a great expertise that others just can't help being fooled by them. But instincts, being their response to external stimulus before application of any thought process to it, are their natural and true response and reflect their true character. And though the instincts are not always conclusive, they certainly help us understand others better.


my inner world said...

hey a very good post !!!

i always go by my instinct which always turns out to be good for me:)

i think instincts are the way to tell us something and stop us frm going to the wrong path

The Elven Blacksmith said...

I shall differ on this point from the above comment. Instincts are not always spontaneous and you can mould them. Well, to a certain extent atleast. And sometimes it's good fun.

And instincts can be deceptive as well.

Viraj said...

@miw - thnx :)

@teb - nethin can b faked but thn instincts being, natural spontaneous reactions, r hard to be moulded...n ya instincts can b deceptive...all i said is tht they do help u to understand people but r not alwaz conclusive.

Lena said...

i guess even instincts can be deceptive.. but regarding taking decisions i believe the best is what is best for you and not just blind following people with whom you might have fun :)