Saturday, May 3, 2008

Their comments, My reactions

Whenever I write a new post, I usually take Orkut's help to make people read it. And I expect people to comment on it, criticize it and at times appreciate it as well. But then it seldom happens as you plan it to be. Some innocent people don't understand that they are supposed to comment on the blog and not in the forum messages. Also many a times people don't even comment when they are supposed to. But I find those people much better than the ones whose comments are something like this:
1. Hey you write very well. Keep posting.
You fool! It was the photograph that I wanted you to comment on. And whatever I wrote in that post was about the place where I took that photograph, the camera I used etc.
2. Man, I have already commented on this post of yours. But this deserves another comment. Nice post! Keep blogging.
You lazy ass! There are 15 other posts on my blog. When the hell did I say that you have to comment on the same post?
3. What a blog! Excellent man. Keep blogging. :)
When you commented last time on some other post, your comment was : Excellent man. What a blog! Very nice. Keep blogging :)
If you were in front of me, I would have made sure that you don't remain capable of putting that :) ever again at the end of your comments. :X
4. That was good inspiring post.
I never doubted your intellectual incapability. Forget about the post itself, had you read even the labels for that post, you would have understood that it was intended to be a humorous post and not an inspiring one. :X

PS: Genuine comments and criticisms are always welcome :)


Arun Kumar said...

man...u must be pissed off...i get a few comments like that in my blog...

anyways good must stick a label on it "Warning...Commenters Aware"

comments like good post...nice layout...piss me off too...

shekhar said...

stupid comments and "my take on it".
Deja vu :P

By the way, nice post :D

Thanks for the blogroll.

shekhar said...

Oh sorry forgot to tell you, I have added you to my fav blogs :)

Uchiha Tejesh said...

I have a strange feeling of Deja vu while reading your blog ...

my inner world said...

wow you have penned down somethng that i think many a times but never strike to write it down.

i guess from now on, i'll have to be more careful before commenting u, not that i comment the way u have written:)(jus joking)

well, u know sometimes people are too lazy to write and express what they actually felt after reading the post and are at a loss of words and sentences, probabably thats why they do so. :)

brocasarea said...

thats very much true!..many of them [including us] just comment just to increase traffic to our blogs..was one of them till recently until came to know abt its value...anyway keep writing!!..:)

Viraj said...

@Arun - Man i hav already given enuf hints abt my frustration in d post itself :P

@ Shekhar - Yes, got both ideas frm ur blog :P

@tejesh - saw tht u too belong to an IIT. read ur post on V day blues. i think the administrators sit together n find innovative ways to spoil our V day :P

@ Anamika - if they are lazy thn it is better not to write. isnt it?

@Pratap - u commenting or confessing in public? :P

Anonymous said...

srsly man! i have to say 'good post' :D

i knw d frustration whn u expect ppl to read n their oft silly comments make u wonder if u shud even bother seekin comments...all ur 'comment dissection' makes it worth addin u to my blogroll...keep writin :D

(btw...tnx for d painstakin readin u doin at my front... it always feels nice to receive sme honest & wise comments!)

Winnie the poohi said...

now any innocent bystander.. umm by-reader(sitter) whatever will be afraid to comment..