Tuesday, May 13, 2008

When is it time to let it go?

In relationships, it is not uncommon to see people sacrificing their ego. And most of the times, it is quite important in order to sustain the relationship. And it is not wrong either. But if it comes to sacrificing your self respect, it is the final checkpoint. You may go ahead or you can still come back. And if you decide to go ahead, whatever be the outcome, one thing is definite-there would be no way back to be the same person that you once were. And you may find yourself wondering if it was all worth it.
The key is to understand the fine boundary between ego and self respect.


Dan* said...

Self Respect !

karthik said...

its bit hard to let go ego

Viraj said...

@Dan - what in d world does ur comment mean?

Karthik - I m afriad tht you missed out d very meaning of d post. 'it' in title refers to relationship and not ego.

though u r correct tht it is difficult to let go ur ego but thn i talked abt self respect in d post n not ego.

Nitu said...

Without ego, self respect doesn't exist..all the people who say "I hate ego" doesn't understand it.

vanilla sky said...

i feel self respect is completely different from ego
in most cases, ego is synonymous with arrogance. there the ego of the person prevents him to open his mind to any logic.
but there are cases where hurting one's ego hurts one's self resspect, one's principles

Viraj said...

@nitu - i m sorry, but i dont agree wid tht. self respect can and does exist without ego. vanilla sky has already mentioned a few points n made my work easier :)

please refer to my next post where i have tried to make d distinction

@ vanilla sky - thnx for b'ful interpretation :)